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A Special Holiday Gift for My Sweetheart

I WANT TO RAISE ENOUGH MONEY TO BUY MY SON AN IPAD (MINI). A few months ago, Isaac was diagnosed with Autism, which explains his speech delay. He turns three this year and I want to give him a special gift for learning. He is an amazing and unique child, with so much potential. I believe technology can be a valuable resource for his development. Please, if anyone can donate, it will gratefully be appreciated. Thank you.

We Are More Than Friends, We Are Family

  • Let’s face it, we are constantly attacked, with words that distort our identity. Whites stick us with so many labels that we cannot recognize ourselves in the mirror. Diversity is completely hidden under AMERICAN INDIAN. I have to ask, what does that really mean? This isn’t India, so why should I call myself INDIAN? This isn’t America, that place doesn’t exist, so why call myself AMERICAN? What’s even worse is the fact more words are being used to hide the truth. If your from south of the border, you have to fight more misleading labels. I am not Spanish or Roman, so why should I call myself HISPANIC or LATINO? Also, they try to use NATIONALITY to absorb us into a nation-state but this is only used to remove our ETHNICITY. I am not AMERICAN,CANADIAN, MEXICAN or anything else, because none of these countries exist, they’re illegitimate nation-states founded by European tyrants, terrorists, murderers, and thieves. We have to remove all the confusion these labels cause, our ethnicity is the only identity we really need. I am NAHUA. I am INDIGENOUS. We should all embrace each other because we are more than friends, we are family.

Do You Think Democracy Is Real?

So much has happened in the world, with riots appearing left and right, all forms of instability running rampant and economies crumbling, it makes me wonder if this is the result of democracy. If you think about it, we are told that democracy is the foundation of our governmental structure, but if that were true, how is it possible that a small group of people possess so much power over everyone else? Shouldn’t power be vested in the people and exercised by the people? Is it insane to allow the concentration of power to be given to a few and still believe it is a democracy?

Let’s all stop being in complete denial, this nation is built on oligarchy. This simply means: government by the few, who exercises absolute control for corrupt purposes, which in most cases is driven by selfishness and greed. Let’s face it, politicians tell us a fairytale: that we are all equal and every voice counts, but they don’t really mean it. When they seize political influence through an election, they do not become a representative of the people. Instead they use power to benefit their contributors and themselves, even though they should be serving the people, by putting public interests above everything else.

If you think about it, when there is a system of representatives, naturally, it is arranged vertically not horizontally, so it ends up becoming a hierarchy. If this is the case, then power becomes more centralized within the ranks, until it reaches the one person who holds the highest position. This seems to blatantly contradict democracy because it should emphasize equality and consensus.

The social disparity that exists is based, not just on the color of one’s skin but also on the amount of one’s fortune. Why do you think you only see the wealthy running for public office? They can afford it because they hoard enough wealth to achieve financial excessiveness. So the bottom line is this nation is, and really has always been, a plutocracy, government by the wealthy. Now that you know, what will happen next?

Why Should Anyone Celebrate Columbus Day?

I can’t understand the logic behind celebrating the crimes of a person who was responsible for mass murder, enslavement, rape, thievery, torture and disease. Many European descendants admire such an “explorer” for being the first to “discover” a New World. He was the first of many to come to the shores of the Americas, bringing death and destruction to the original inhabitants. This would mark the beginning of the American Holocaust, the inhumane actions of white invaders towards native people. The ultimate solution for the extermination of these so called “savages” was genocide. Why should this be celebrated?

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